What are Innotech Windows and how are they made
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Introduction to Innotech Windows

The Innotech Brand

Innotech Windows is a reputable brand that specializes in producing high-quality, energy-efficient, and durable windows. The company has been serving the market for years, offering exceptional products that cater to both residential and commercial projects. Innotech windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing the utmost comfort and security for homeowners. There are a number of benefits to these custom manufactured tilt and turn windows designed with European engineering and manufactured in Canada.

Benefits of Innotech Windows

Innotech windows offer several benefits to homeowners, making them a popular choice for many building projects. Some of these advantages include:

Energy Efficiency

Innotech windows are known for their energy efficiency. They are designed to minimize heat loss during the winter months and reduce heat gain during the summer months. This helps homeowners save on heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.


Innotech windows are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist wear and tear. The uPVC frames are resistant to rot, rust, and warping, ensuring that the windows last for years without losing their structural integrity.


Innotech windows come in various styles and designs to suit different tastes and preferences. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and glazing options, allowing homeowners to choose windows that best complement their property.

How Innotech Windows are made

Materials used in Innotech Windows

Innotech windows are made using high-quality materials that contribute to their durability and energy efficiency. Some of these materials include:

uPVC frames

Innotech windows use unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) frames, which are known for their strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions. uPVC frames do not rot, warp, or rust, making them an ideal choice for window construction.

Glazing options

Innotech offers various glazing options for their windows, including double and triple glazing. These options help improve the windows’ insulation properties, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced noise pollution.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Innotech windows involves several steps, including:

Fusion welding

Innotech windows are made using fusion welding, a process that joins the uPVC frame components by melting them together. This creates a strong, seamless bond that ensures the window’s durability and weather resistance.

Multi-chamber profiles

Innotech uses multi-chamber profiles in their uPVC frames, which help improve insulation and reduce thermal bridging. This design feature contributes to the windows’ energy efficiency

Glazing installation

After the uPVC frames are constructed, the chosen glazing is installed. The glazing is carefully placed and sealed within the frame to ensure optimal insulation and noise reduction. Innotech’s meticulous installation process guarantees an airtight seal, further enhancing the window’s energy efficiency.


Innotech windows are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing windows for their home in Edmonton. Manufactured using high-quality materials and innovative techniques, these windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining their structural integrity. With various styles and glazing options available, Innotech windows can be customized to suit individual preferences and blend seamlessly with any property.


1. How do Innotech windows contribute to energy efficiency?

Innotech windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They feature uPVC frames with multi-chamber profiles, which help reduce thermal bridging and improve insulation. Additionally, the windows are available with double or triple glazing options that further enhance their insulating properties, resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs for homeowners.

2. What is the difference between double and triple glazing?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer and filled with an insulating gas, while triple glazing uses three panes of glass with two spacers. Triple glazed windows provide better insulation and noise reduction compared to double glazed windows, but they are also more expensive and heavier.

3. Are Innotech windows suitable for commercial properties?

Yes, Innotech windows are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. They are designed to offer excellent energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of building projects.

4. Can I customize the color and style of my Innotech windows?

Yes, Innotech windows are available in various styles, colors, and sizes, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect windows to complement their property. You can consult with Innotech representatives to discuss your preferences and find the best solution for your needs.

5. How do I maintain my Innotech windows?

Innotech windows are low-maintenance, thanks to their uPVC frames and durable construction. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and water is usually sufficient to keep the windows looking their best. It is also essential to inspect the windows periodically for any signs of damage or wear and address them promptly.