Our Approach


Our Process reflects our dedication to forming lasting relationships with people and spaces. To  craft meaningful spaces, we value the input of our clients. We honour the value of a hands-on  approach in establishing and maintaining relationships.  

• We seek to understand the client’s unique vision and needs for each project.

• We pose questions to ensure alignment. 

• We establish positive communication & partnership.


Our work reflects fine craftsmanship, innovative building technologies, and proven construction methods.

• We blend cutting-edge building science with traditional building techniques.

• We manage projects using a hands-on, honest & communicative approach.

• We adjust our trajectory based on feedback to ensure that the vision is aligned with the client.

• Transparent billing / costs


As a Design-Build Construction Company, we focus on architect led design; therefore, it is paramount that we work with the best. We also include our clients as part of this specially curated team. In the end, we believe the results speak for themselves.

• We assemble a project team of experts including architects, designers, suppliers,  tradespeople, project managers, artisans, and craftspeople. 

• We plan and propose our ideas to our clients. 

• We collaborate in refining vision & methodology.


Marchand Construction’s commitment to relationship building is evident in our ever-increasing number of repeat customers with whom we celebrate over a decade of experience and success. We gather to celebrate in the meaningful spaces that we help create. These places are thoughtfully crafted for family, business, and community:

Custom Homes


• Workplace Refurbishments

• Deep Energy Retrofits